Lovely Little Star

Lovely Little Star

I feel so crazy…

I’ve just made 3 different mini-tentabulges. Sollux’s, Karkat’s, and Tavros’s.
I don’t even know why. I made them the blood colors, and even thinned down paint of a slightly lighter shade and made it drip down the bulge.


I’m just so in love with this design. It doesn’t have a description, so I’ve made one myself. :)

Demon Class
‘One who cheats through [aspect] / One who cheats [aspect]’
Both genders

Demons have the…

I haven’t deleted any comments. If it had a description, I’m sorry, I missed it; I’m going to take down the reblog after I know you’ve seen this. I apologize for the trouble I’ve caused you. EDIT: I’ve deleted the re-blog. Again; I’m very sorry for the trouble.

I have a Gamzee horn I’m the process of making in front of my computer, however, it seriously reminds me of a tentabulge.
I don’t think I’ll be able to look at it the same way until it’s finished.